Morrison government is ‘falling apart’ amid stoush over vaccine mandates

Shadow Housing Minister Jason Clare says the stoush over vaccine mandates shows the Morrison government is “falling apart”.

Following almost a decade in power, Mr Clare says the Coalition “don’t deserve” another term in government.

“This mob’s been in power now for almost a decade, we’ve got an election in a couple of months and they’re going to ask for another three years in power,” he told Sky News Australia.

“To be frank, they don’t deserve it. What we’re seeing here is a government that’s falling apart: nothing’s happening here, no legislation’s being passed, all there is is chaos.

“For most Aussies out there that have been vaccinated … they must be looking at what’s happening here in Canberra and thinking, ‘What are we wasting our time talking about here at the moment and why is the prime minister sucking up to all of these people instead of doing his job.’”