Labor’s climate change ‘invisibility’ one of the party’s ‘biggest issues’

RedBridge Group Director Simon Welsh says Labor’s “invisibility” on promoting an alternative vision to tackle climate change could cost it at the next federal election.

“There really hasn’t been a lot of focus on Labor in a general sense – they’re presenting a very small target at the moment,” he told Sky News Australia.

“At the moment, the biggest issues for Labor are around its invisibility on some of these issues so voters are wanting to hear from Labor and wanting to hear an alternative vision.

“So, they’ve got an opportunity to fill that gap, but you can rest assured the government will be drawing attention to this as we move closer to the next election.”

Mr Welsh said a policy based on rebuilding from the pandemic could resonate with voters at the ballot box.

“We hear a lot of talk within the groups about building a more self-sufficient Australia: we’ve got this opportunity to rebuild from COVID, that’s the sentiment that we’re hearing," he added.

“A lot of voters are attaching climate change to that so I think if you can frame it that way, you’ll have something that will really appeal.”