Pfizer booster program welcomed by Victorian government

Victoria’s COVID-19 Commander Jeroen Weimar says he welcomes the announcement made by the Therapeutic Goods Administration regarding the approval of Pfizer booster shoots.

“Can I just welcome the announcements made this morning by the Therapeutic Goods Administration around the approval of Pfizer booster shots six months after second doses for everybody aged 18 and over,” Mr Weimar said during a press conference on Wednesday.

“That’s a really important step forward. We’re very keen to be getting on with that booster program, we’re obviously ready just to assist and to support that rollout across Victoria and in fact across Australia.”

He said the state government is “eagerly” awaiting advice from the Commonwealth government and ATAGI on how the rollout should proceed.

“The vast majority of people are well under the six month since the second dose so this is not an immediate thing for the vast majority of us but there are 69,000 Victorians currently today that we’re aware of where it’s been more than six months since their second dose," he said.