China pushes back on Joe Biden’s pledge to protect Taiwan

China has criticised US President Joe Biden after he pledged America’s commitment to defending Taiwan.

President Biden made the comments when he was asked how he would respond to an invasion during a televised Town Hall event.

“China, Russia, and the rest of the world knows we are the most powerful military in the history of the world,” President Biden said.

“Don’t worry about whether they’re going to be more powerful but (what) you do have to worry about is whether or not they’re going to engage in activities, we’ll put them in a position where they may make a serious mistake.”

During a briefing, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson asserted Taiwan is under China’s control and there was “no compromise on the issue."

The White House has clarified the remarks – telling reporters they do not signify a change in policy.

The US has a law which requires it to help Taiwan defend itself but also pursues a policy of strategic ambiguity where it is deliberately vague about what action would be taken.