National Party will be ‘keeping our cards close to our chest’ on climate negotiations

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan says it would “make a lot more sense” if Australia knew what other countries are committing to in their climate pledge before committing to a net zero by 2050 target.

The Nationals have handed over a list of demands to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and will be meeting again on possibly Wednesday for another round of discussions on climate policy before Mr Morrison heads to Glasgow for the COP26 Climate Change Conference.

“It seems to me all western countries out there they reveal what they’re going to do before they go to the negotiations, before they know what other people are going to also commit to,” Mr Canavan told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“I mean how stupid is that? I mean why would you give away all your negotiating coins, show all your cards before you enter a negotiation?

"Because of course China can sit back and know now exactly what the UK is committed, exactly what the US is committed to, possibly exactly what Australia is committed to.

“Wouldn’t we want to hold that back until we know what other countries are doing before we handicap our own economy, that would to me make a lot more sense.

“And, likewise here, sorry to disappoint, but in the Nationals Party, we’re going to go into negotiations, keeping our cards close to our chest, making sure we put the best case for regional Australia and get a good deal.

“Because the way the western woke countries of the world are negotiating climate change is going to mean that net zero will be the worst deal in history.”