It’s about time Australia is led in a ‘bipartisan way’

Small Business Australia Executive Director Bill Lang says it is time Australia was led in a “bipartisan way” to help small businesses get their economic recovery going.

The state of Victoria is hours away from coming out of their sixth lockdown after reaching 70 per cent double dose vaccination but under strict measures with COVID patrols and fines.

“The businesses in Victoria look over to the border, look to the new Premier, the accelerator who’s as he’s now known amongst all premiers in Australia by small business families, and we just shake our head and can’t understand why,” Mr Lang told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“The other part of this is another sort of example of a demonstration of the lack of any empathy and understanding amongst the rulers, and the bureaucrats around what’s involved in actually operating a business.

“What we’d love to see, we’d like to see the Prime Minister and the head of the National Labor Party get into parliament, pass some legislations that says the national plan must be implemented otherwise there are financial consequences to the states.”