Albanese needs to ‘wake up and smell the uranium’

Sky News host Peta Credlin says Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party need to “wake up and smell the uranium” if they are serious about creating an “ambitious and visionary plan” to power the nation.

Ms Credlin said the opposition leader proposed investment in solar power and electric batteries while “talking up” his National Reconstruction Fund in The Australian newspaper today.

“Albanese wants a big new nation-building project in the mould of Snowy Hydro Scheme,” she said.

“How ironic that Albanese, and now Scott Morrison too, for that matter, have neither the vision nor the ambition to embrace the tried and tested technology which could actually power us right now.

“As I’ve said many times before, affordable, reliable, clean nuclear power is the solution to almost every one of our energy problems.”

“If it’s good enough for the United States and Britain, Japan and France and South Korea … why isn’t it good enough for us?”