Perrottet tells world ‘New South Wales is open for business’

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet says if you wait you won’t get the outcome – but if you lead, people are going to come back to Sydney and the rest of the state as quickly as possible.

It comes as the premier announced the launch of a $500 million package to revitalise the tourism industry.

Mr Perrottet said his government’s decision to scrap hotel quarantine for international arrivals and open up borders from November 1 sends a clear signal to the world that "NSW is open for business".

"Having those settings that we’ve now changed will ensure that, from a tourism perspective, right around the world people will sit there and go, well if I’m going to come to Australia I know where I want to be – I want to be in Sydney, I want to be in New South Wales.

"That is the signal we have set."