‘I don’t know’: Barnaby Joyce on cost of net zero

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says he doesn’t know how much a net zero commitment will cost the average Australian, and no action by Australia will “change the temperature of the globe at all”.

Mr Joyce said the push for a net zero emissions target is “part of a global action plan, but Australia by itself makes no difference whatsoever".

The Deputy Prime Minister told Sky News host Andrew Bolt he also didn’t know the cost of a net zero plan but noted in “any budget” the forward estimates are “generally miles out”.

The decision about the proposed target is still “yet to be made”, after several days of party room meetings held by the junior Coalition partner.

“I think it’s really important – we have not said we are doing this," Mr Joyce said.

“It is not a foregone conclusion that the Nationals agree to this. Not by a long shot.”