The ‘free world’ may need to do more to detect ‘the symptoms of radicalised individuals’

Sky News host Alan Jones says the so-called “free world” needs to ask whether it is doing enough to detect “the symptoms of radicalised individuals” following the murder of British MP Sir David Amess.

Mr Jones pointed out the incident was “formally declared” to be an act of terrorism by Scotland Yard after 25-year-old, Ali Harbi Ali, was arrested at the scene.

“The so-called free world needs to understand that its value system is under challenge,” he said.

“Its tolerance of certain behaviour has surely reached its limit and one can only hope that the abandonment of Afghanistan to the Taliban won’t set in train what’s being described as a lone wolf attack.

“But it came two days after an Islamic attack in Norway and it should not be assumed that the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan won’t lead to a resurgence of similar attacks.

“One question to be answered. Are we spending enough, in the so-called free world, to detect the symptoms of radicalised individuals?”