Victoria to put pop up sites in areas needing vaccine ‘boost’

Victoria COVID-19 Response Commander Jeroen Weimar says there will be five additional pop-up vaccination sites where they think rates need an increase.

“In terms of vaccination, we continue a wide range of community pop-up sites to really boost not only the wonderful work of our GPs and pharmacists and, of course, the extensive network of state clinics,” Mr Weimar said.

“We have five additional community pop-ups starting in some of our areas where we feel we need to boost further the first and second dose vaccination rates.

Mr Weimar said the areas include East Reservoir Senior Citizens Centre open Monday and Tuesday next week, the Kingsbury Bowling Club open from Wednesday and Thursday, and the Craigieburn Sports Stadium open Tuesday and Wednesday.

The other two pop-up facilities will be at the EACH building open all next week, and the Faulkner community hall open Monday to Thursday.

“In particular, with regard to the Faulkner Community Hall site, that will have a disability-specific access and services supporting it," he said.

“If you need a bit of extra support to get your vaccination, we will have experienced staff, plenty of facilities, plenty of room, and a less busy and intense environment for you to be supported to do your vaccination.”