The Taliban can’t be trusted despite assurances of ‘apologists at the UN’

GT Communications’ Gemma Tognini says the Taliban cannot be trusted despite the assurances of “apologists at the UN and other places”.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils has been condemned for promoting a forum featuring a Taliban spokesman.

The online flyer for the event entitled, ‘The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and Diaspora Muslims’ says it welcomes attendees whether they are “in favour or against” recent developments involving the Taliban.

“My benchmark is always Holocaust deniers, don’t give them breath, right because that’s one extreme – Taliban, I feel like that falls into the same bucket of extremes,” Ms Tognini said.

“These are people who summarily execute, who set fire to people while they’re alive, they’re not just like ‘oh we’re a fringe group’.

“This is a violent, despotic regime that hates women and children.”