Government ‘believes’ net-zero deal can be done

Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell says the message out of government continues to be that they believe a net-zero deal can get through the Coalition party room.

“Two reasons they might be able to – Australia is on an emissions trajectory far better than the 26 to 28 per cent emissions reduction promised by 2030 anyway, and the commitment will go nowhere near ending the coal industry when 75  per cent of our coal is exported, and that does not count towards the target,” Mr Clennell said.

“And, important to whether Morrison goes to COP 26 or not is whether the NSW government will bring forward the opening of the international border to early November.

“That is still the subject of discussion today. Because that would mean Morrison does not have to quarantine for the fourth time in five months for 14 days when he wants to start campaigning in NSW – a state where he wants to win seats at next year’s election.”