Canavan: Australia ‘should never outsource sovereign right’ to determine its laws

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan says Australia should “never outsource our sovereign right” to determine our own laws to other countries, especially when it comes to emissions reduction targets.

Mr Canavan said he welcomed Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s insistence that any net zero targets for the nation will be set by Australians.

“But it does cut against the point that was made by the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg just a week and a half ago,” he said.

“Josh got up … and gave a speech saying we need to adopt net zero because all these global banks won’t give us money unless we do.

“Now I thought Josh and I were elected to make our laws, not the bankers at Blackstone, not the bankers at Morgan Stanley and we should never outsource our sovereign right to determine the laws of this country to other nations.”