Federal Health Minister refutes ABC’s hospital funding claims

Health Minister Greg Hunt has refuted claims by ABC’s 730 program that federal funding to state hospitals as part of a “Covid partnership” has ceased, stating the agreement is “ongoing”.

Tuesday evening’s 730 program alleged the COVID-19 partnership funding had finished in June of this year.

“So, the Covid partnership with the states is ongoing, it was reported on the 730 Report last night that it had ceased – that was false,” Mr Hunt told Sky News Australia.

“I’ve provided that advice to Laura Tingle and Leigh Sales at the ABC, I’m yet to receive any confirmation that they’ll correct it tonight.

“But I’m correcting it: the statement made last night was incorrect, this is an ongoing partnership, payments are continuing, it lasts for the duration of the pandemic.

"Over and above that, we’re paying 100 per cent of the cost of vaccines, 100 per cent of the cost of telehealth, 100 per cent of the cost of the private hospital agreement.”