Science behind temperature changes that we’ve been told is ‘shambolic’

Geologist Ian Plimer says the federal government is “taking us to a restaurant where there’s a menu with no prices on it” amid disputes amongst the Coalition regarding a net-zero by 2050 target for Australia.

“We would trade an economy for 50 per cent emissions for a monumental temperature change of 8,000th of a degree,” Mr Plimer told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

“This is absolute nonsense.

“I want to see who’s going to lose jobs in which electorates and in what capacity that member of parliament can stand up straight and look people in the eye and say, ‘I’m going to feel virtues and you’re going to lose your job’.

“The science behind all the temperature changes that we’ve been told is at best concocted, it’s shambolic, even the IPCC recognises that.

“A whole theory has been conducted, not based on the environment, not based on climate, but based on shifting money out of your pockets into someone else’s sticky hands.”