The latest classic example of Twitter ‘supercharging cancel culture’: Kenny

Sky News host Chris Kenny says abuse on Twitter came “quick and fast” after Australian journalist Jessica Rowe decided to interview Pauline Hanson on her podcast.

According to Mr Kenny, the conversation in the podcast focused on “the human being behind the politician” rather than controversial issues.

“But the social media pile-on started two minutes after Jessica Rowe uploaded that podcast,” he said.

The podcast episode saw criticism from a number of people, including former race discrimination commissioner Tim Soutphommasane, who said he hoped there were “questions about racism and vaccinations too”.

According to Mr Kenny, it didn’t take long for Ms Rowe to “cave in to the pressure of the mob” and have the podcast taken down.

“That’s a bad call,” he said.

“Put your podcast back up, let people listen to the discussion, show the steel in your spine and wear the putrid abuse from cowards on Twitter as a badge of pride.”