National security is the ‘single most important’ issue facing Australia in the future

Liberal Senator Jim Molan says national security is the “single most important” issue facing Australia going into the future, and more needs to be done to strengthen the nation’s defences.

As part of a collection of 38 essays entitled ‘Australia Tomorrow’ – which is available from October 1 – Mr Molan writes that war is becoming more likely and Australia is vulnerable.

“This is the single most important issue that faces Australia going into the future,” he told Sky News host Alan Jones.

“The most immediate one is our economy and COVID, but the most dangerous one, without doubt, is our national security.

“The issue of national security revolves around what I call the ‘China Problem’, which is China’s power has gone up, American power has gone down markedly – 30 to 50 per cent – and we are vulnerable, and that’s an issue.”