Greta Thunberg delivers ‘truth bombs’ in climate policy ‘reality check’

Greta Thunberg has given us a “reality check,” although probably “not in the way she intended,” according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“Thunberg worries me a bit, a lot in fact,” Mr Kenny said.

“I worry about her wellbeing … and I am deeply worried that political leaders and activists either use her to push their cause, or even worse, listen to her as some kind of sage rather than deal with expert advice on how to manage energy and climate issues rationally and sensibly.

“But despite all this, I think Thunberg deserves praise for elements of her speech to a youth climate conference in Milan yesterday.”

Mr Kenny said Thunberg “called out global leaders” and “revealed the truth”.

“Firstly by mocking their meaningless slogans,” he said.

“Yes, net-zero talk is meaningless without a serious plan.

“Thunberg sees that from the perspective of demanding more action, whereas I would say it’s all spin to hide the fact that it simply can’t be done, at least not the way they’re pretending it’ll be done with renewable energy."