This year’s Met Gala was a real ‘let them eat cake moment’

Sky News host James Morrow says this year’s Met Gala costume ball in New York was a real “let them eat cake kind of moment”.

Politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore a dress which had ‘Tax the Rich’ written in large red letters across the back to the event, where the asking price for a ticket is around $30,000.

“Ordinary people look at this and they say, well this is just an absolute joke,” Mr Morrow said.

“This Metropolitan Museum of Art costume ball used to be a fantastic event too, it also shows just how far the elite in the United States has fallen.

“This used to be a wonderful glamourous, non-political event … now it’s just for a bunch of celebrity show ponies to put up a bunch of money and then wind up walking around with these idiotic dresses.”