Man in his 20s among two Victorian COVID deaths

A man in his 20s has died from COVID-19 with the victim previously unknown to Victorian health authorities.

The gentleman is one of two people who died from the virus overnight, with the other being a woman in her 80s.

Victorian Department of Health’s Kate Matson says the case is currently before the coroner.

“The death of the gentleman in his 20s is extraordinarily sad,” she said. “And we do pass on our sympathies to his loved ones.

“We have very little information with respect to that gentleman.

“Unfortunately, we are aware he died of COVID during to post-mortem analysis: he wasn’t a case we were aware of.

“We’re getting information from the coroner ongoing to try to provide support to this family.

"A post-mortem I believe is under way, however initial information from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine is the diagnosis will be COVID.

“If further investigations recover anything else, we’ll reclassify, but that’s the indication we have at the moment.”