LGA lockdowns has helped focus vaccinations in areas of concern

New South Wales Health’s Dr Jeremy McAnulty says locking down local government areas has allowed officials to prioritise vaccination in areas of concern.

The Berejiklian government has been urged to ditch locking down entire LGAs with Shadow Assistant Finance Minister Matt Thistlethwaite telling Sky News Australia authorities should seriously consider suburban lockdowns instead.

“One of the factors that makes it more practical to use an LGA level is the ability for people to move about to do essential activities within that LGA,” he said.

“It’s been important in this outbreak for us to focus on places where the risk is highest and that’s been in those LGAs of concern.

“Now, the advantage of doing that is many: one includes focusing where testing is done, focusing people’s awareness of risk but importantly also focusing on where we can prioritise immunisation.

“So the LGAs of concern have allowed us to prioritise immunisation in those areas to ensure we’re getting ahead of this outbreak.”