Creating safe spaces for women is ‘very controversial these days’

Giggle CEO Sall Grover says creating spaces for women is “a very controversial thing to say these days”, as her social networking app for women, Giggle, is repeatedly censored.

Ms Grover started the women-only social networking app to be a safe space for women, and launched a Kickstarter crowd funder to help raise money to expand the platform.

However, Kickstarter has since suspended funding for the project.

“Starting a start-up for anybody is difficult and starting start-ups that are led by women is difficult,” Ms Grover told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“We’ve had this extra barrier because we’re for women and we’re currently in this bizarre zeitgeist where doing something for women apparently makes you a bigot."

Ms Grover said her start-up originally wanted to do equity crowd funding, however struggled to find a company that would work with them because of the “negativity around being called bigoted and transphobic”.