Biden needs to ‘climb back onto his horse’ and show some leadership

Former foreign minister Alexander Downer says after the “debacle” of Afghanistan, President Biden has to “climb back onto his horse” and show some leadership of liberal democracies.

Mr Downer discussed the upcoming Quad summit, due to be held at the White House on September 24.

As “one of the people who put the Quad together in the first place”, Mr Downer said he was delighted it was going well, and there was going to be a leaders meeting.

Mr Downer added the Quad summit is a “good way” President Biden can restore credibility in his foreign policy, as it is a “good initiative”.

“Biden’s slogan is ‘America is back’ – in recent weeks people have been saying his slogan is ‘America is back home’,” Mr Downer said.

“Well let’s hope that this is a sign of a more constructive foreign policy in the future.”