Texas governor to sign election integrity bill after state Democrats fold in the face of jail time

Texas Governor Greg Abbott will sign into law a controversial voter integrity bill after a bitter, protracted protest by state Democrats, who chose to flee the state in order to stop the bill from passing.

The bill is designed to crack down on mail-in voting, increase the number of partisan poll watchers and give the state more control of local voting machinations.

State Democrats went to extraordinary lengths in order to ensure this bill did not pass the Texas Legislature.

Republicans insist the legislation will boost the electorate’s confidence in local elections.

Texas Democrats insist the bill will make it harder for minority voters to cast their ballots.

State Democrats were so opposed to the bill that 52 of them fled to Washington in order to deny Republicans quorum.

For a bill to pass the Texas Legislature, there needs to be a minimum of 99 representatives in the chamber

The Democrats who fled the state for 38-days ensured the Texas Legislature did not have enough members to function.

However, facing the real prospect of arrest, enough Democrats returned in order for the bill to pass, and it now will be signed into law this week.