Liberal Justice Stephen Breyer infuriates progressives by refusing to retire

The Democrats dream of expanding the number of justices on the Supreme Court has hit a massive snag after liberal progressive Justice Stephen Breyer warned against ‘packing the court’.

Some Democrats want to add more justices to the bench in an attempt to balance the court from its current 6-3 conservative majority

Justice Breyer, who is the most senior liberal left on the bench, warned the court should not be politicised by either party

Increasing the number of justices on the court from the current number of nine is also sometimes known as ‘court packing’.

On the campaign trail, Joe Biden was against packing the court but has not ruled out expanding the number of justices now he is president.

During the same interview with Fox News, Justice Breyer rebuffed calls for him to retire.

Many Democrats have been urging the 83-year-old justice to retire while the party retains control of the Senate so President Biden can nominate his successor.

However, the justice infuriated many by refusing to answer about whether he will imminently step down from the bench, raising the prospect that he could be replaced by a Republican president.