Keneally’s candidacy for Fowler the most ‘mind blowing hypocrisy’

Sky News guest host Daisy Cousens says Kristina Keneally running for the lower house seat of Fowler is such an example of how if the left didn’t have double standards "they wouldn’t have any standards at all".

"The seat of Fowler was such a wonderfully multicultural seat, people from all parts of the world who live there," Ms Cousens said.

"And they had this wonderful wonderful candidate, her name’s Tu Le, she’s a Vietnamese immigrant, she’s a lawyer, she’s young, she’s very promising, she’d bring something really interesting to the table.

"She would really represent her electorate and she was also the preferred pick for Chris Hayes.

"It’s incredibly disappointing for all this kind of talk for diversity and inclusion and affirmative action; here they’ve got this chance … to have this wonderful and interesting candidate to come into being.

"And no, it’s Kristina Keneally, there you go – it’s just the most mind blowing hypocrisy."