Berejiklian to focus on getting the government ‘back to its usual processes’

Premier Gladys Berejiklian says she will no longer be attending the daily COVID briefings every day at 11am so she can focus on ensuring the government “gets back to its usual processes as quickly as possible”.

“The next two months will be the most challenging our state has seen perhaps ever,” she said.

“I need to make sure we are not only making decisions for the next day but for the next weeks and the next months, and it’s really important to make sure all of government is prepared for what the next few months bring us.

“I will still be a regular feature at 11am, but not every day and I was very upfront about that.

“And I’d rather be upfront and tell people than them saying where is the premier today or tomorrow because I need to make sure that government runs, gets back to its usual processes as quickly as possible.

“Just as the community will start to reopen, government has to get used to not running in crisis.”