Two-thirds of Australians over 16 years have had one dose of vaccine

Two-thirds of all Australians 16 years and over have now had at least one dose of COVID vaccine.

The total number of vaccines delivered is almost at 22.5 million.

The ACT has become the first state or territory to have half of its adults fully vaccinated against COVID.

New South Wales has 78.1 per cent of its population at one dose and 45.6 per cent at two doses – meaning a mid-October lockdown lift seems likely.

In Victoria there will be minor restriction relief for outdoor exercise and recreation at 70 per cent single dose, with the state likely to hit this figure within ten days.

In Queensland, 37.7 per cent of residents are fully vaccinated, and Western Australia is just behind at 37.6 per cent.

Meanwhile, 48.2 per cent of Tasmanian residents are double-dosed.