Emotional scars of 9/11 remain 20 years on from terror attacks

New York might be a “extraordinarily resilient city”, but the emotional scars and the trauma of the September 11 terror attacks continue to live on, says the New Republic’s Alex Shephard.

Attacks carried out by terrorist group Al-Qaeda on this day 20 years ago claimed the lives of 2,977 victims.

“This is an extraordinarily resilient city, I think it’s something that’s always amazing about New York where the city itself just keeps on going,” Mr Shephard told Sky News Australia.

“I think there’s a certain toughness and grit to New Yorkers that’s just really extraordinary but I think the trauma of that day is certainly lived on.

“There were literal scars in the city for many, many years, but I think the emotional scars, particularly for those who were at Ground Zero, are still very much there.”