White House denies Australia was out of the loop during Afghanistan withdrawal

The White House denies the Australian government was left out of the loop during the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki insisted Australia remains a pivotal global partner but there is lingering doubt about the state of the diplomatic relationship.

The speculation follows from Australia not being allowed access to America’s surplus vaccines when it would have made a marked difference.

There is ongoing concern about Australia not being at the forefront due to policies on climate change, a very vocal policy of the Biden administration.

The deterioration in the relationship between Australia and the United States was compounded by a Taliban spokesman saying the 41 Australian soldiers died in vain in the Afghanistan War, which Ms Psaki refuted even though she could not say when Australian officials had last been contacted.

“I don’t think that we have not engaged with the Australian government, we have worked with our partners around the world to evacuate individuals from a range of countries around the world,” Ms Psaki said.

“I would say, and the president would say he if he was standing here, those 41 Australians did not die in vain and we are incredibly grateful for their partnership, we are incredibly grateful for their support over a 20 year war and Australia remains a pivotal partner to the United States.”