PM: UK Pfizer swap a ‘good deal between mates’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has lauded the “very strong relationship” which paved the way for the Pfizer swap deal with the United Kingdom, labelling the program a “good deal between mates”.

Under the agreement announced by Mr Morrison on Friday, Australia will receive four million doses over the coming weeks with the favour to be returned in December with the UK begin their booster shot program.

“At the end of the day, this is a good deal for Britain and it’s a good deal for Australia and it is a good deal because it makes the most of the doses that they have now, which we need and the doses that we’ll have later that they will need,” he told reporters.

“So, this is just a good deal and it’s a good deal between mates.

“It’s a good deal that’s been secured because of the very strong relationship that exists, obviously at a prime ministerial level but also at a ministerial level as well, there is very strong support for the relationship with Australia and the United Kingdom.

“It works for both of us and it means we can double down on what our Pfizer capacity is this month, which brings forward the program which is great news of hope for people right around the country.”