‘Miracles’ happening for ABBA fans after pop group announces comeback

Entertainment reporter Sam Foxon says “miracles do happen for fans of ABBA” after the Swedish pop group announced they will be making their comeback with a new album and concert experience.

"I think there’s lots of fans of ABBA at the moment … especially today,” Ms Foxon told Sky News Host Chris Kenny.

“And you may remember when they sensationally parted ways in 1982, they vowed to never reform but miracles do happen for fans of ABBA, nearly four decades later."

She said the group’s “highly anticipated new record” is called ‘Voyage’ and will feature ten new songs.

She also said their concert experience will be in March next year in London, where they will apparently appear in “hologram form”.

“Now the welcome news was celebrated around the word, it was live streamed earlier today where they debuted their new singles, ‘Don’t shut me down’ and ‘I still have faith in you’.”