Berejiklian warns case numbers to peak as 1,431 new cases recorded

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has warned COVID-19 numbers are expected to peak in the next fortnight after the state recorded 1,431 cases.

Nevertheless, Ms Berejiklian said residents should be more concerned about the number of hospitalisations than daily case numbers.

“As I’ve said previously, the best health advice I have is that we anticipate a peak in cases in the next fortnight,” she said.

“The next fortnight is likely to be our worst in terms of the number of cases, but as I have said it is not the number of cases we need to be focusing on but how many of those cases end up in our intensive care wards and hospitals and how many people we have vaccinated as quickly as possible.

“And the reason why the health experts suggest that that is when the peak is because after a fortnight, the amount of vaccines we have put in arms of people living in those communities with high rates of the virus has been outstanding, and that will have a positive effect on the spread and the likely number of cases in around a fortnight.”

The premier also praised residents for their enthusiasm in getting vaccinated.

“In the past week more than 827,000 people in New South Wales have come forward to get vaccinated,” she continued.

“This rolling average we’re having consistently in New South Wales gives all of us heart and hope that around the middle of October, we will see 70% of our adult population fully vaccinated.”