‘You cannot have ideology replace the need for connection’: Rav Arora

New York Post Opinion Contributor Rav Arora says Robin DiAngelo claiming she had an ‘out of body experience’ when she found out she was white shows a “religious fundamentalist, kind of, bent of our new anti-racist movement”.

“It is not just secular, it is not just materialistic, it attempts to do something much more than that which is to kind of fulfil a spiritual impulse,” Mr Arora told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“And it does in a quite bizarre and embarrassing attempt at that.

“I think this is where we’re running into the problem of politics and ideology, trying to replace religion or spirituality in our society.

“The problem is the two just cannot converge, you cannot have ideology replace the need for connection, for unconditional love, or relationship with God, if you will, and this is just one of the many problems that we have with our anti-racist discourse.”