‘Get fresh air’: Gladys Berejiklian reveals reason for relaxing LGA exercise rules

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian says her decision to relax exercise restrictions in local government areas of concern was prompted by concerns over the mental health of locked down residents.

From 5am Friday, residents in Sydney’s hotspot suburbs will be afforded “unlimited exercise” despite health officials still concerned over rising case numbers in those areas.

Premier Berejiklian said she was “very pleased” with the announcement and encouraged locals to go out enjoy some “fresh air”.

“Obviously we know that outdoor exercise, especially in those LGAs where there are households that are exercising, is very low risk of transmission,” she said.

“Obviously health and well-being and mental health are very critical at this stage.

“When our public health team gives us advice, government also needs to consider the broader health and well-being aspects, and it was a combination of health advice but also well-being.

“We want people to get fresh air, especially as the weather is warming up, and where we can, we want everybody in New South Wales to move forward together and that’s why I was very pleased to make that announcement.”