Health officials should do ‘targeted interventions’ on hotspot areas

Infectious disease specialist Dr Nick Coatsworth has called for public health officials to fixate their “full attention” and intervene in hotspot areas where the virus spreads more readily – but not with more rules and restrictions.

“This is an important example for all of Australia that the Delta variant is extraordinarily difficult to keep the lid on,” he told Sky News Australia.

Dr Coatsworth said the emphasis of the interventions should be to help the affected communities access vaccine as vaccination is “the absolute key” to getting out of the pandemic.

“We know that there are Australian communities where the virus spreads more readily and they’re the communities we have to focus on and give our full attention,” he said.

“Not with more rules and restrictions but with the support to get vaccinated and the support to be able to stay home and abide by the restrictions while we get the numbers under control.”