‘Our work continues’ amid ‘unpredictable and dangerous’ situation in Afghanistan

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews has thanked those "who have worked so hard" and in such challenging circumstances, to do all they can to bring people out of a "most desperate situation" in Afghanistan.

Ms Andrews said, "while the situation in Afghanistan remains unpredictable and dangerous, our work continues”.

“Not just in Kabul, but it remains around the clock efforts, here in Australia, to support all of those people that are working day and night to assist with the evacuation of people from Afghanistan.

“Overnight, we have airlifted about 1200 people from Kabul, bringing to the total of about 4000 people that we have assisted to evacuate from Kabul.

“This has been without a doubt the largest humanitarian airlift operation in our history.

"It’s an urgent and dangerous mission, and it is one that has been conducted, that is being carried out, under the most challenging of circumstances."