‘Not reassuring’ where the Energy Security Board wants Australia to head: Latham

Where the "woke" Energy Security Board wants Australia to head in the longterm is "not reassuring," according to NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham.

It comes as the Energy Security Board has put out a blueprint for Australia’s future electricity grid.

According to Sky News host Andrew Bolt, the blueprint is saying "we need more electricity generators soon or we won’t have electricity".

Discussing the issue, Mr Latham told Mr Bolt it’s a “recognition" that they’re actually going to "pay the otherwise despised coal-fired power stations".

“So, it’s a recognition you do need reliable dispatchable power and it can’t come from intermittent solar and wind power," Mr Latham said.

“But otherwise, the Energy Security Board, always very woke left-wing organisation, it’s not very reassuring where they want us to head in the really long term.”