Star Wars: Visions: Everything We Know So Far

It looks like something brand new is coming to the galaxy far far away. It’s something we never knew we needed but fits so well into the Kurosawa inspired world that George Lucas originally created. Whoa nelly am I SO here for this so fire up those transitional wipes while we obsess about what we know about the series so far. Unlike a series like The Clone Wars this doesn’t give you much time with each character but instead lets us explore new planets, new characters and everything from the underworld to the light and dark. That scope opens a galaxy far far away in a whole new way allowing different artists and storytellers to play off of all corners of the universe. After all Kurosawa films like Hidden Fortress were direct foundations for A New Hope and The Mandalorian is directly related to the samurai manga Lone Wolf and Cub. The perspectives were always there but maybe just not fully allowed to be celebrated in such a natural way. It’ll be amazing to see what eastern culture brings to the universe.

So just how many Lucasfilm holograms are shooting into our brains? Well, during a 2020 Investor day Kathleen Kennedy herself promised “10 fantastic episode from several of the leading Japanese studios”. This also goes for the release date which was just officially announced in the brand spanking new trailer as dropping September 22nd. So sure it’s soon but soon enough? The big question is going to be the era in the timeline. Are we talking old Republic, Rebels era, High republic or could there be some new trilogy sprinkles? Kylo Ren has it written all over him.


0:00 Intro
0:27 It’s An Anthology Series
1:17 Every Episode Is Being Helmed By A Different Creator
2:19 It’s A Celebration Of The Universe
2:56 It Promises To Bring “A Fresh And Diverse Cultural Perspective”
3:49 The Upcoming Novel Ronin Will Tie Into One Of The Shorts
4:21 The Series Will Have At Least 10 Episodes
4:54 When Will It Come Out?

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