Potential for ‘confrontation or conflict’ in Afghanistan as August 31 deadline looms

There is potential for a “confrontation or conflict” to arise in Kabul if the US doesn’t adhere to the August 31 evacuation deadline set by the Biden administration, according to Sky News Washington correspondent Annelise Nielsen.

The next week will be a “precarious” one, as the US rushes to complete the US pullout from Afghanistan by August 31.

There are over 6,000 troops remaining in the country, who are currently evacuating American citizens and Afghan allies.

President Biden faced political pressure during the emergency G7 meeting held on Tuesday, with several leaders including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pressing Biden to delay the withdrawal.

These suggestions were rebuffed by President Biden, who told reporters following the meeting “the sooner we can finish, the better”, as each day of operations “added risk” to US troops.

Ms Nielsen said an estimated 70,000 people have been assisted by the US to leave Afghanistan since August 14, however, the Taliban have used “stronger rhetoric” in recent days.

"For the first time, they’ve said they don’t want Afghans leaving the country and they’re actually making moves to stop any Afghans accessing Kabul airport."