Evacuees denied entry into Kabul airport for not ‘having a hard copy visa’

Visa-carrying families escorted by embassy guards have been fired upon by the Taliban after being refused entry at the DFAT approved gate into Kabul Airport, according to GAP Veteran and Legal Services Director Glenn Kolomeitz.

"We’ve now had two attempts by two of our cohorts of embassy guards, they’ve approached the guards on the gate and some of these guards are ADF troops," Mr Kolomeitz told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

"They’ve shown their visas on their mobile phones, they’re the electronic visas and they were told go away you need a hard copy visa with your passport.

"We tried that twice, twice they’ve been turned away – they are still waiting outside the gates … at this point in time.

"And frighteningly one of those groups was fired upon by the Taliban after they were refused entry at the gate that DFAT told them to be at."