Premiers’ responses to COVID roadmap show ‘differing public attitudes’

State premiers are continuing to disagree with Prime Minister Scott Morrison over the roadmap out of the pandemic and having to live with the virus.

Political consultant Jim Middleton says there is a “bit of a difference” between the premiers of Queensland and Western Australia and the other state premiers.

“Even while Daniel Andrews was having a shot at Scott Morrison over the vaccine rollout, he was much more accommodating about what happens when we do get to 80 per cent of eligible people vaccinated,” he told Sky News Australia.

“In both New South Wales and in Victoria, these are the states where they have borne the brunt of the extensive lockdowns, Victoria last year and to a degree this year, and New South Wales now.”

Mr Middleton said this “was not the case” in Queensland and Western Australia, who have managed to remain largely free from COVID-19 and the premiers responses were reflective of the “differing public attitudes”.

“It is no doubt that in Victoria and in New South Wales too that people are very weary of having their lockdown and their freedoms restrictions for so long,” he said.

“Their patience about this, the reward they see and the risk that comes with it, the equation is different, I suspect, to what we see Western Australia where life has gone on pretty much as normal.”