Musicians suffering ‘massive financial loss’ during COVID-19 and lockdowns

Musician Colin Lillie says it is not just him that “misses out” when live shows and tours are cancelled, it also affects everyone behind the planning.

“There’s so much behind putting on a national tour on management, it just affects so many people and so many personally,” Mr Lillie told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“At this point in time, there is so many people like myself who have not been able to fulfil what it is they’re trying to do in life.

“We’ve been told we’re not alone in this whole lockdown scenario but when we’re lying in bed and we’re looking at the ceiling we do feel as if we’re alone and it has really been a great opportunity for me.

“So, I now really want to try to help and support as many other artists and try to make sure we can continue the momentum that is the Australian music scene because it is one of the best in the world I believe.”