Freshman Republican calls for Biden to resign over ‘botched’ Afghanistan withdrawal

Freshman Republican congressman Byron Donalds is calling for President Joe Biden to resign over his handling of American forces withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Biden administration has faced bipartisan criticism for the chaotic nature of America’s decision to leave Afghanistan by the end of August.

The Taliban has taken full control of the country after the Afghan army collapsed in 11 days.

The army’s capitulation prompted thousand of Afghans and foreigners to flee to the airport to escape the Taliban’s wrath.

In a statement, Congressman Donalds said President Biden "abdicated his responsibility" for US forces withdrawal from Afghanistan.

"President Joseph R. Biden has abdicated his responsibility and duties entrusted to him as President of the United States. This blatant abdication of his office is grounds for President Biden to resign immediately," he wrote.

"It has become clear that President Biden has lost complete and total confidence of the American people through his haphazard decision to withdraw from Afghanistan," he continued. "This botched withdrawal is currently threatening the lives of our servicemen and women, the stability in the region, and our integrity on the global stage."