Doherty modelling the only ‘sustainable solution’ out of COVID: Frydenberg

Successfully eliminating COVID-19 is a “fallacy” and state leaders will have to accept the Doherty Institute’s modelling as the only “sustainable, long-term solution” to the COVID-19 pandemic, says Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

The federal government has partnered with state governments to provide economic support to struggling businesses with employees in NSW and Victoria eligible for COVID disaster payments of up to $750 a week.

“Now, that economic support is absolutely vital in the immediate short term in enabling those businesses to survive, and those families to get through the crisis but it is not a sustainable, long-term solution,” Mr Frydenberg said.

“The only sustainable, long-term solution to this crisis is that we stick to the plan agreed at National Cabinet.

“It is up to the state premiers and to the chief ministers together with the Prime Minister, to stick to the plan that was agreed at National Cabinet because that plan is a pathway out of this crisis.

“It’s a fallacy that you can eliminate COVID. You must learn to live with it, just as other countries are doing right now, and just as we in Australia have done so with other infectious diseases.”