Andrews: We’ll make announcements on year 12 vaccine priority ‘as soon as we can’

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says the government will make announcements regarding year 12 exams and their priority for vaccination “just as soon as we can”.

“I just want to draw people back to some discussions that were held at National Cabinet last Friday where we literally went around the room and everyone was asked what their intentions were in relation to 12 and up,” he said.

“We made it clear it’s our intentions to have at least those kids with a first does – children and young adults with a first dose – and if we can do better than that we will by the end of the school year.

“The school year and school environments provide us with a unique platform if you like, a trusted platform. Not an easy task, it’s a very significant number of jabs to get into arms.

“But we’ll have more to say about year 12s, exams, and their vaccination and the sense of priority for them as well as some who’ll be involved in delivering those exams – we’ll have more to say about that … just as soon as we can.”