Vaccine numbers ‘comparable’ with highest of the world: Hunt

Health Minister Greg Hunt has praised the record number Australians coming forward for vaccinations.

“Over the week, 1,811,000 Australians were vaccinated which is more than the population of South Australia and I want to thank everybody for coming forward,” Mr Hunt said.

“These numbers, as the prime minister has said are comparable with some of the highest weekly numbers we have seen around the world.

“In particular, this was the first time our GPs have done more than a million doses in conjunction with pharmacists over a week so our primary care outlets, more than a million doses.

“Our first doses are at 52.8 per cent, our second doses 30.3 per cent and very significantly, over 50s, more than 75 per cent, over 60s, more than 80 per cent, over 70s, more than 85 per cent and all of those numbers are progressively increasing.”