‘The Wokeles’: Children’s entertainment group ‘genuflect’ to the ‘altar of wokeism’

The IPA’s Dr Bella d’Abrera says The Wiggles are now "genuflecting at the altar of wokeism".

It comes as popular children’s entertainment group The Wiggles has added four new diverse characters to its cast in what founder and ‘Blue Wiggle’ Anthony Field said was something they "morally" have to do.

"The founder Anthony Field, it was very interesting his comment was this has to be done because of morals, this is a moral issue," Dr d’Abrera said.

"It’s really genuflecting at the altar of wokeism.

"He’s using children as an excuse to say that they want a more diverse field of entertainers – which is just rubbish – children just want to dance and sing they don’t care what colour The Wiggles are or what gender they are."