Sydney seeing a ‘police response like we haven’t before’ to stop COVID spread

New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller says after the recently granted increase in police powers, there has been police presence “like we haven’t seen before”.

“Operation Stay at Home commenced over a week ago now and obviously at midnight last night we’ve seen an increase in our police powers,” he told Sky News Australia.

“I think what the public have seen is a police response probably like we haven’t seen before on the streets of Sydney.”

Commissioner Fuller said the heightened police presence would be around the clock to ensure “people are complying with the health orders”.

Commissioner Fuller also said there had been “tens of thousands of Crime Stoppers reports” and south western and Western Sydney still had high noncompliance levels, even with the introduction of the curfew.

“Having a curfew just sends a really clear message to everyone in those 12 LGAs that this is a problem, we all need to take it seriously,” he said.